Animals in Sacred Geometry – Box Sets


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  • Animals in Sacred Geometry – Box Sets


    28 powerful Animals have stepped forward to share their unique wisdom with us.

    Surrounded by Sacred Geometry the ‘language of the Universe’ & the wisdom of Numerology. Makes these discs powerful symbol to work with.

    Offering us practical guidance, comfort & support on our journey through life.

    Carefully & beautifully laser cut in wood, these symbols come alive.

    Bringing us so much joy & support.

    28 Animals in Sacred Geometry.

    Book & bag all in a wooden box.

    33mm:  R1800
    44mm: R2300
    80mm: R3700

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  • Animals Pendant in Sacred Geometry – Bear



    Bear encourages us to explore the unknown.

    Find our own answers in the calm silence of our inner dream cave.

    Most bears slow down & sleep through much of the winter.

    Instinctively they know when to retire & be alone.

    In spring, they awaken, hungry for new opportunities, companionship, & food.

    “From the dark, nurturing, fertile cave of dreams.

    We emerge into the sunlight.

    Assimilating our experiences.

    Sharing our discoveries with the world.”

    Supported by the Geometry of 33  –  MASTERY

    Heightening our powers of manifestation.

    Mastering our journey.

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  • Animals Pendant in Sacred Geometry – Crow



    Crow is the messenger that connects our world with higher worlds.

    Linked to the void, where the Mysteries of creation reside.

    Keeper of secrets.

    Connecting past with future.

    Death with re-birth.

    Leading us through endings to find new beginnings.

    Well known as shape-shifters…

    Crows can help us to alter our awareness so we can see clearly.

    Crow is a master guide for deep transformation.

    Supported by the Geometry of 21  –  The Gate Way

    Aligning our consciousness so we can feel balanced & connected.

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  • Animals Pendant in Sacred Geometry – Dolphin



    These magnificent creatures know how to play.

    Surfing the waves,  Jumping in the air, diving to the depths of the Ocean.

    Showing us that life can be fun.

    Known as the most intelligent creatures on our planet.

    Tap into their joyful intuitive spirit.

    Supported by the Geometry of  11  –  Intuition.

    Swim in the wisdom of your higher self.

    Allow these magical energies to support you with joy.

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  • Animals Pendant in Sacred Geometry – Dragon



    Creatures of great Mystery & Magic.

    Symbol of elemental energy:
    Earth, Air, Fire, Water Dragons.
    Mountain & cave Dragons.
    & many more….

    Protectors of treasures.

    They can take us through different dimensions.

    Flying high in the sky.

    Deep into the ocean.

    Mountains & caves.

    Anywhere we wish to go.

    Journey with them to find your inner treasure.

    Supported by the Geometry of 26  –  Abundance

    Tap into the unlimited Abundance all around us.

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  • Animals Pendant in Sacred Geometry – Dragonfly



    Shimmering with its transparent wings, flutters & flying in unpredictable patterns of illusion.

    ‘now you see it… now you don’t…’

    They brings us the gift of lightness & flight, so we can transform with ease.

    Supported by the Geometry of 13…   Transformation.

    Showing us that all our dreams & wishes are possible.

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  • Animals Pendant in Sacred Geometry – Eagle



    With outstretched magnificent wings, feel the power of the air lifting us higher & higher…

    Soaring 10,000 feet in the air, swooping at 100 miles per hour.

    Eagle is a powerful bird of grace & extremes.

    Offering a bridge between earth & sky.

    A symbol of our connection with Spirit.

    Eagle medicine enhances intuition & illumination with spiritual knowledge.

    Open’s our inner sight, connecting us with spirit guides & teachers.

    Seeing the great landscape of our being.

    Eagle energy is sharp, swift, focused & determined.

    See’s the bigger picture from above.

    With freedom harness the energies of Nature, & allow Spirit to flow through us.

    Supported by the Geometry of  8  –  Power & Mastery

    The solid base of the square gives stability.

    Enabling us to expand qualities of leadership &

    master manifestation successfully.

    Be mindful with your power.

    Be your own master with wisdom.

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  • Animals Pendant in Sacred Geometry – Elephant



    Steadily walking on the powerful Lay-Lines of our Earth.

    These huge majestic matriarchal creatures can teach us a lot.

    Communicating over long distances using low-frequency sound, linking to telepathy.

    Their large flapping ears remind us to listen carefully.

    They care deeply for their children & the herd.

    Showing us to take care of each other.

    Supported by the Geometry of 4…   Stability.

    Building a strong base on which anything is possible.

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  • Animals Pendant in Sacred Geometry – Flamingo



    Beauty & Grace.

    Effortlessly standing on one foot.

    While keeping the other one tucked in to keep body heat.

    Intelligent & a big dreamer.

    With strong instincts & great style.

    Flamingo symbolism calls us to be…

    ‘Once you find your purpose, you are unstoppable.

    You can achieve anything.

    Use your heart to guide you to make the best decisions.’

    Believe in the power of Love.

    Supported by the Geometry of 20  –  Grace

    Believe in the impossible.

    Tap into the beauty of all.

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  • Animals Pendant in Sacred Geometry – Fox



    Courageous, swift, sly, quick-witted, persistent & gentle are the qualities of the Fox.

    Solitary, nocturnal hunters.

    Rarely show themselves, except at dusk or dawn.

    Associating them with magical gateways.

    Guardian of the in-between.

    Fox can introduce us to fairies & nature spirits.

    Its trickster ways keep us on our toes.

    Balancing the dance of life in a light hearted way.

    Supported by the Geometry of 18  –  Twilight

    Tapping into the Moon Magic. The twilight zone.

    Creative & Intuitive.

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  • Animals Pendant in Sacred Geometry – Frog



    Jumping into your life, offering opportunities of transformation.
    Frog offers deep healing, cleansing, renewal & rebirth.

    Helping us to swim through major life transitions & to leap into new situations.

    Supported by the Geometry of 5 – Sensitivity
    Standing with feet on the ground,  arms outstretched, head receiving inspiration from above.

    This is a powerful ancient symbol.
    The circles bring about qualities of Inner Strength & Awareness.
    So we can feel secure in oneself.

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  • Animals Pendant in Sacred Geometry – Giraffe



    Feet on the Earth & head in the Sky.
    Giraffe… the tallest land animal on our planet.
    Offers a link between worlds.

    A bridge between practical & spiritual insights.

    Living in the present, while keeping an attentive eye on the future.

    Balancing spiritual wisdom with grounded awareness.

    These gentle creatures show us how to stay centred as we adapt to each new moment.

    Supported by the Geometry of 16  –  Foresight
    Seeing into the future.
    Keeping things in Universal alignment.

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  • Animals Pendant in Sacred Geometry – Horse



    Galloping through life with beauty & grace.

    Awakening the wild spirit within.

    Symbol of freedom & power.

    Horse possesses mystical qualities… appearing with wings:  Pegasus or a magical horn:  Unicorn.

    These graceful creatures can teach us a lot.

    Supported by the Geometry of 12…   Completion.

    Ending old patens, so one can welcome in new energies.

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  • Animals Pendant in Sacred Geometry – Jaguar



    Bold & fearless, Jaguar helps us to see in the dark, shadow worlds, & unfamiliar territories.

    Guiding us to release fears & gain confidence.

    As a spiritual guide & protector….

    Refining our intuition so we can journey to other dimensions.

    Facilitates between world travels.

    Open’s communication between the living & the dead.

    Jaguar encourages us to stay true to our selves & trust our insights.

    Supported by the Geometry of  28  –  Guardian

    Circling & protecting all.

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  • Animals Pendant in Sacred Geometry – Lioness



    With bold fearlessness Lions loudly roar… proclaiming their dignity, pride & self-respect.

    Take heart, be courageous, live your soul’s purpose with honour.

    Be comfortable with your power.

    Brave & strong yet nurturing & playful…

    These majestic creatures can teach us a lot.

    Supported by the Geometry of 6…   Balance

    Radiating Universal Wisdom, bringing balance to all.

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  • Animals Pendant in Sacred Geometry – Lizard



    Long known for its ability to help shamans, & dreamers to connect with other realms of consciousness.
    Reminds us to respect our dreams & the wisdom they show us.

    Lizards can glide through the air.
    Race across water.
    Walk on ceilings.
    Change colour.
    Shed their tail & grow a new one.

    Amazingly adaptable.
    Watchful & perceptive.
    An ancient survivor who is well acquainted with the dream-time.

    Supported by the Geometry of The ENERGY SPIRAL
    With the Vortex of the Spiral.
    Moves through the stable 4 sided star of stability.
    Transforming into the 8 sided star of power.
    The 6 sided star of Universal Wisdom.
    Energizing all these qualities.

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  • Animals Pendant in Sacred Geometry – Manta-Ray



    Gliding like a bird in the depth of the ocean.
    Gracefully navigating the complex waters .

    These creatures can offer us guidance to work with our emotions.

    Finding our right path with a good sense of direction.

    Manta-Ray energy speaks about sensitivity.

    Gracefully gliding through the deep waters with magical freedom.

    Supported by the Geometry of  22  –   Wisdom
    Accessing our inner Wisdom.
    Trusting the Guidance from within.

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  • Animals Pendant in Sacred Geometry – Meerkat



    Awareness, intelligence, quick witted, curious & social by nature.

    MeerKat teaches how to break free from emotional chains & connect with genuine people.

    Stand up for what you believe in.

    Being on guard, supporting the group & family, is an honour.

    Supported by the Geometry of 17  –  Alert

    Silently aware of our surroundings.

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  • Animals Pendant in Sacred Geometry – Otter



    Naturally curious & friendly, Otter is a skilled teacher of exuberance & play.

    Teaching us to relax, have fun & accept the joy in everything.

    Enthusiastic, energetic, & inquisitive.

    Otter’s message is to Play & swim joyfully through life.

    Supported by the Geometry of 2  –  Duality / Love

    We live in a world of Duality.

    Balancing & attracting the loving energies of, Soulmates, Twin-flames & other Karmic connections.

    So, we can joyfully fulfil our purpose in life.

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  • Animals Pendant in Sacred Geometry – Owl



    Owl guards the nocturnal mysteries of the subconscious.
    Guiding us through the dark.
    Showing us the path to Inner Wisdom.

    With its brilliant eyesight.
    Adjust in an instant from telescopic to a microscopic focus.
    It’s hearing is just as keen as it’s eyesight.
    Enabling us to hear what is not being said.
    See what is hidden or in the shadows.

    Metaphysically linking the gift of clairvoyance & clairaudience.

    Owl is a messenger.
    A holder of secret knowledge.
    Seeing through the deception.
    They perceive what others miss.

    Owl reminds us to open our eyes & ears.
    Trust the Wisdom within.

    Supported by the Geometry of 7  –  Mysticism
    When the balance is attained.
    Our intuitive Wisdom flows.
    Giving us the courage to master the MYSTICAL ways.

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  • Animals Pendant in Sacred Geometry – Panther



    Magical & Spiritual.

    Highly Intuitive & Artistic.

    Symbol of the powerful dark Moon.

    Encouraging us to understand the power within the shadows & eliminate our fear of the dark & unknown.

    Begin a new chapter in your life.

    The darkness of night holds the truth of Creation.

    Supported by the Geometry of  1  –  New Beginnings

    Have the courage to be an individual.

    Embrace our inner powers.

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